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Electric Fencing

An investment in electric fencing enhances the security of sensitive areas, such as farms, homes, prisons, and other security sensitive places. It’s true that electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional fencing but it’s as a powerful security management tool where it brings most benefit.

In Kenya, any home will not be secure until you have enough security. The most basic security measure is the one that keeps the intruder at a bay with no access to your home or premises. At Electric Fences Kenya, we are professional security company dealing with installation of security systems in Kenya and in East African Region, we install, repair, maintain and service all types of Electric Fences and Razor Wire Fence

Key Services Provided

Permanent Fence, Retrofit Offset Fence, Portable Fence, Top Wall Electric Fences, Custom Installed Electric Fences, Electic Fences Energizer